If you are like me spring is synonymous with picnic.  As I mentioned in an earlier post the third weekend in May is going to be a big weekend for everyone who loves food.  Renown chef and food warrior Jamie Oliver has declared May 19th International Food Revolution day; as he encourages eaters worldwide to take a stand for food education and real food.  South Texas will be home to many culinary events that weekend including the Farm to Family Picnic held Saturday May 19th.

Never been to a farm because you always felt they were too far away?  Never known a farmer willing to let you come and visit?  Not a problem, local farmers will meet you at McAllister Park with animals in tow.  Everything from hens to goats to piglets will be there as Slow Food and Humble House Foods in partnership with South Texas local farms show us where food really comes from.

Animals not your thing?  Then join us for the live music, kite flying and sack raises; or just chill out in the grass and enjoy the food.

Just click the flyer below to link to the SFST online store to buy tickets.

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